The recycled Skateboards

From the first recycled skateboards and longboards on which we worked, it seemed obvious that the possibilities of transformation were numerous and we were filled with ideas.

Much of our work in the workshop is sorting the found boards to give them new life. For some it will be cruisers, others coat hangers (our famous Coat Racks) or others become shot salvers (the Party Boards). When we do not find immediate allocation for them, they remain aside where time and imagination does its job.

The boards to be transformed into cruisers are meticulously selected. With nothing left to chance, the chosen wood is of best quality, only mildly weathered and not covered by paints, varnish or other substances.

These boards are carefully deconstructed, all parts and accessories set aside using the motto: do not throw away anything! as each part will be useful. Then the boards are fully sanded, restoring the state of the original, mostly maple wood.

From this stage, the most creative phase begins. All parts of the wood that may have been damaged (fractures, scratches), in particular on the tail of the board, are cut off. Once this phase is completed, the final form of the board is drawn.

This is what gives our recycled boards a unique, significantly different shape.

Once the shape has been given to the board, the work of customization begins. This varies highly, from one board to another, ranging from a simple color, a hand made drawing or design, or even fabric.

With this step completed, the final steps will be exactly the same for each of the boards we make. The wood is saturated, varnished and sanded. The accessories fitted to our recycled cruisers are the same as those mounted on our longboards, massive or laminated, as recycled does not mean low-end! Most of our recycled boards demand more time, work and materials from A to Z. We are proud to give them new life and dignity!

Take a Ride on the Recycled Wood Side!