Mydriaz Paris
Handmade lights and furniture
Creations, handmade furniture and lighting fixtures, custom pieces made in brass and copper – Paris, France
Handmade Wooden Iphone Cases
Custom, one-of-a-kind iPhone cases crafted from durable and beautiful wood - Indiana, USA
Bark and Bole
Handmade Custom Wood Plugs
Beautiful wooden ear lobe plugs! – USA
Score and Solder
Handmade terrariums, lighting, planters
Incredibly talented artist - Canada
Timotimo Forge
Handmade forged knives - Savoie, France
We Are Woot
Made in France upcycled bicycle inner tubes
Recycling bicycle tire tubes into original objects! Bow ties, straps and bags, we like!
Sanborn Canoe Company
Wooden Canoe Paddles
Their world of scouts sailing on the Great Lakes makes you want to go build a cabin; their work is beautiful. Minnesota, USA