After years of practice, a passion for the Longboard ended up giving me the desire to make my own boards, then make them for others here in France, thus launching State of Grace Workshop.

All SOGW boards are unique!

The spirit of SOGW is found in high quality raw materials, environmental awareness and the desire to offer products technically adapted to each person.

SOGW boards offer 100% handmade solid wood or laminate, chosen from controlled origin French forests, non-toxic stain and varnish and recycled glass sandblasting.

Reclaiming of conscientiously chosen maple skateboards allows me to offer customized, fully transformed mini-cruisers perfect for the ride into town.

In continuation with the spirit of SOGW, the idea of the Recycled Curious Stuff Collection came naturally through using skateboard parts to create decorative, useful, completely original objects.

Take A Ride On The Wood Side !

Bras droit
State Of Grace France manager!
Joseph is webmaster for various artists (Happer, Antoine Bertrand), and the source of the site you have at your hands.
Graphic designer, illustrator and textile designer, Enzo is the creator of the logo and mascot State of Grace and is currently working of the upcoming textile collection.
Marion Georgia
Fashion designer and top-notch seamstress, Marion has created our first collection of scarves hand-stitched in France, available online soon!